Alien Race – Game/App

I’ve got inspired to work on a little race car game because of Kenney, who is currently working on Race Assets. Greatly, he offers early access to his Patreons, so I could go right ahead and start working.

How it works:

I’ve tried to achieve simple game mechanics that use the mobile device accelerometer to steer the car. While working on this project I realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to use one of my own Assets – my Replay System (Read more about it here )! At this stage of development, the race is just one round, which tracks your time. After the round is finished your replay is playing in the background and you can see how you did. I’ve changed the camera from a first to a third person view when playing the replay – but I am not really settled on that decision. (Mainly because the car model I am using is a rather ugly one from the Asset Store and it doesn’t quite fit in with Kenney’s Assets!). I’ve decided to slow down the car once it leaves the track to add some difficulty to the game. I’ve also added little pylons as powerups, upon collision those will increase the maximum speed and the car will accelerate.


Play it online:

Get it on Google Play:

Check out the Source Code on GitHub.

All Models, Sprites and Fonts had been provided through Kenney hud_p1Alt