Alien Jump – Game/App

I wrote this app a while ago and then added some of Kenney’s fancy graphics to it before actually ever publishing it somewhere.


This is a simple 2D-Jumper game, you are a pink alien and you see two platforms on the screen, the goal is to charge the right amount of power to actually land on the next platform. You’ll see a red power bar on the left side of the screen. You charge power by actually holding the screen clicked (tapped for mobile). The longer you hold it, the more power you use. When you land on the next platform, the screen lerps forwards and a new platform is spawned. The goal is to jump onto as many as possible platforms without falling down.


How it works:

I made a PlayerController script that is in charge of ground checks, the power bar UI and the actual movement of the player. The PlatformManager deals with the pooling of the platforms, their placement, and the camera lerping. The Platform script is attached to every platform and takes care of the deactivation/adding the platform back to the pool if it is out of the screen view. There is also a ScoreManager that keeps track of the current score and updates/saves the high score as a player preference.

I published the entire project on GitHub, please feel free to use the SourceCode for your own projects – I don’t mind.

Get the entire project on GitHub!

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As mentioned earlier – the wonderful sprites and fonts are courtesy of!