About Me

My legal name is Kristin, but I really prefer going by MilKID online. I initially studied psychology but then stumbled upon my love for writing code.

I am completely self-taught. I never studied computer science or anything like that – all that I know is accumulated out of hundreds of hours of trial and error and a lot of books.
I read once that self-taught programmers have the benefit of looking at thinks very differently from developers with college degrees – whether this is true or not, I definitely know that learning all of this by yourself, without anyone to mentor you is hard work and you need a lot of bite to go through with it. There were so many times when I sat in front of a script that seemed logical to me but just didn’t seem to work and I just wanted to start to cry and quit it or I completed a project and then deleted it straight away because I thought it was too simple or not good enough – being self-taught is tough and I respect everyone who did that, myself included. And I know, this sounds rather cocky – but I think I am good at what I am doing, not perfect at all – but I still think I deserve a little pat on the back every now and then.

Anyways…. since I don’t have a professional background in coding and no fancy degrees to brag about I will mainly stuff this section with unnecessary information about me.

I am 26 years old, born and raised in Germany. I’ve been really into gaming ever since I was 16-years old – and boy, back then it was very rare that girls played online (There are a lot of stories about creepy guys I could share, feel free to hit me up on that!).

I’ve never been a really social person, so don’t ask about my social life – I am a nerd, I enjoy being by myself behind a screen.

My grandma taught me cooking when I was a little girl, so I am amazing in the kitchen. I also enjoy music mostly ambient and easy listening but I also have this absurd love for Coldplay, I can’t really tell you what it is – most people find it boring, I love it.

I grew up with my five siblings (four of them being brothers!) which should explain why I am a very special kind of girl – I do tend to joke about things that guys usually joke about. Pretty sure most people say this about themselves but I think I have a rather unique, weird kind of humor which I tend to let out on Twitter (Check out @itsMilkid if you dare!).

If I need to stand up for myself, I have the balls to do so and in case I screw up, I have the courage to admit it. I really own that fact up to being raised with brothers, girls these days get raised into believing that they can “pretty-eye-themselves” out of everything and I really hate that practice.

And that is pretty much everything I could think of right now – I’ll also include a picture because I’ve heard several people picturing me very scary and I  most certainly don’t want to paint that image in your head!
If you read all of this and might want to contact me, here are some ways to do so:

Twitter: @itsMilkid
E-Mail: itsMilkid@gmail.comimage1(3)