Being a girl online

I am by no means a social justice warrior or an extreme feminist. (Pretty sure I will end up getting shit just for that sentence alone, but whatever.) I do wish for equality but I still do enjoy a little tradition, I never had an extreme opinion about that topic and I don’t think to have one is really necessary.

About three years ago I had a blog about my experiences being a female gamer, that site was never meant to trigger or hurt somebody, it was mainly me telling my stories not aiming for much except to make people laugh, cause to be honest- even if it didn’t seem funny at the time while it was happening to me – I think it is quite funny if I think about it now.

Since I don’t really need a portfolio anymore because my lucky ass found the greatest job I could possibly imagine I thought I might transfer all those blog posts to this site, they are here for you to have a laugh and maybe gain some perspective on how things can be when you are female and roaming around online.

One thing, that is very near to my heart is the following: – and I only mention it because back then I had a guy giving me shit for that – I don’t want you to feel sorry for things that happened to me back then. In all honesty, think about it that way:  every story has two sides – maybe someone just perceived things differently, that’s always an option. I certainly don’t see these posts as sad stories, for me they are funny anecdotes.

I hope this is enough of a disclaimer but if you still feel triggered or what not and you want to harass me about it, here is your green card, do it – I don’t mind! 😉

I’ve been into games for several years now, ever since I was sixteen actually.

As far as I can remember (Bare with me, it’s been a decade!), there were pretty much no girls playing anything online when I started. I was the only girl I ever heard of playing Counter-Strike back then.

I really vividly remember moments where I accidentally shot a team mate and of course, as one does, I said sorry via in-game voice chat and just a second later I had ten new friends requests on steam.

Times changed a lot since then. Now I see a shit ton of girls calling themselves gamers. I guess there is some sort of trend going on.But what really grinds my gears about that is that I see so many girls on social media using the phrase “I am a gamer.” to meet guys. Which sounds insane if you imagine the stereotypical World-of-Warcraft gamer that probably still lives in his mom’s cellar (I swear to god, this is not meant to be rude!)

Why did it ever become trendy to be a nerd or gamer? I kinda hope that this trend will be over soon because I am really sick of getting compared to chicks that post naked pictures of themselves using controllers as props, but that then actually think Tetris would be the name of the orange juice container.

I really don’t want to be seen as sexy just because I tend to like video games but I really don’t want to hide because of my gender either… I mean is it too much to ask that I just want to be left alone about that?

I am pretty sure you know those kind of women that scream “Don’t sexualize me!” but then post half naked pictures of themselves somewhere online? Well Lady, I am sorry to inform you – but you are the reason women are sexualized. Nonetheless it’s 2017 now, and still – if I join a Teamspeak server there is at least one guy awkwardly moaning “Oh, do we have a girl here?” – Well Bro, thanks for stating the obvious. I don’t want people to make a fuss about me just because I am female – there is nothing special about that, half the population is female.

You know, it’s always a different story if I flirt back, which I do from time to time.

If you are a girl online, you have to be prepared to being sexualized and harassed the minute you start interacting with people – which doesn’t mean everyone is a stupid moron who just thinks with his lovestick – there are decent people, but there are the idiots too.

Here, have an example of a probably very frustrated twelve-year-old who decided to leave me a very loving comment on my steam profile.


Anyways,stay tuned if you want to hear/read a lot of crazy stories that happened to me playing games online.

Author: itsmilkid

Self taught Unity C# Developer from Germany.

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